Captains Questions 18.09.21

We caught up with vice captain Jodie Ovens during the week to reflect on last weekends game against Dryburgh and the upcoming cup fixture against Montrose.

Question One

Q: The game on Sunday I thought was really even at points, I think the goal just before half time May have hurt us a bit coming out in the second half. What was said during the half time talk to try turn things around after just conceding ?

A: Dryburgh had a lot of space in the middle of the park during the first half and were getting a lot of success through there so the coaches made changes to close that space down. We were also not being confident on the ball and releasing it too early so the coaches were reassuring us to play how we train and I think we did have a better second half.

Question Two

Q: Even though the score line might not show it, I thought compared to how we played against east fife there was a lot of improvements in Sunday’s game. What do you think the team done better on Sunday that might’ve went missing against East Fife.

A: I think we are improving each game, we take the positives from the games and also work on the negatives in training. Compared to the East Fife game I think we worked the ball better through the middle and also switching the ball from side to side during attacking phases.

Question Three

Q: This week the cup run continues against a strong Montrose side. What are your feelings going into the game, how do you prepare yourself when facing up against tough opponents ?

A: It is definitely going to be a tough game, Montrose are playing really well. Although it’s important I don’t think we can get caught up in who we are playing. We have been working hard in training and hopefully that will be replicated on the pitch on Sunday. We also have our top goal scorer outfield so I expect it to be a really competitive game.

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