Captains Questions 24.09.21

We caught up with captain Ellie after our tough game against Montrose in the cup last Sunday.

Question One

Q: On Sunday we came up against the team that will have a strong chance to win the league come the end of the season, when playing good opposition like that what do you feel you take from it personally to improve your game.

A: I think that games where we are faced with a difficult opponent, as always it’s important that we analyse the overall team performance. After a defeat like Sunday it’s so important that we come together and discuss the game as a team to ensure that we are always learning and trying to become better.

Question Two

Q: That will be one of the toughest games of the season this year, so there is no shame in not playing as well as we would've liked. After that defeat what do you think the team will need to do in training to bounce back for our game against Buchan.

A: As a team we need to take what we are doing in training into games. Communication levels and awareness of the game needs to be better for the future. We know what we need to do to get the results we want, and are fully capable to do so, it just comes down to the team performance displayed on the day.

Question Three

Q: On Sunday we make the long 2.5 hour journey to play Buchan. How do away games against opposition that far north affect your game if at all ? Do you prefer the long lead up to a big away day or do you prefer to play at home.

A: Overall, I definitely prefer playing at our home ground but I think it’s nice when we get to travel to other grounds and play on different pitches.

Either way, in my mind the end goal is always the same, for the team to go out and have a good performance with a positive result. Mindset is one of the key factors that will determine if a player has a good game or not so it’s important we go out as a team with desire, confidence and enthusiasm.

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