Looking Forward to the First Game with the Captain

This season we plan on getting the fans of DAGLFC more familiar with the captain of the ladies team. To do this we are planning on posting a Q and A every Tuesday to the site with questions about the upcoming game and reflection on the game from the past week.

This week since its the first instalment of "captains questions" we are asking questions regarding how the team and this weekends upcoming game with Dundee City West.

Question One

Q: How does it feel to be appointed Ladies team Captain and DAGLFC Club Captain?

A: Being appointed ladies team captain was a surprise. As captain I’m lucky to have a great group of girls as my teammates and coaches who believe in every single one of us.

To then be given the role of club captain, I was honoured. The role gives me the opportunity to get more involved with the club and be a positive role model for younger players.

Question Two

Q: How did you get into football?

A: I started playing for a club a lot later than most players. I was 13 before I started playing for an established club. Before then I played football with my local primary school team and with the people I grew up with.

Question Three

Q: How has training been going in the last few weeks?

A: Training has been going very well. As a team we have set high standards for ourselves and have been working hard to improve and develop as a squad to prepare for the upcoming season.

Question Four

Q: What are your thoughts for the upcoming game this weekend with Dundee city

A: I am positive about the upcoming league game. I think that we have built a strong team and have trained hard to develop as a squad. The game will allow us to make our mark on the league and hopefully start as we mean to go on.

Question Five

Q: Any advice for young girls looking to get into football

A: Female participation in football has increased so much over the years so for any girls looking to get involved in football just get down to your local club and give it a go ! Joining a football club allows you to make new friends, keep active, learn new skills and most importantly have FUN !

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